ISO 20121 and Sustainability 

Here at Movement and W Display we take sustainability very seriously and are taking specific measures to ensure all our events, installs and exhibitions are as sustainable as possible. Our aim is to minimise energy consumption, water consumption and to reduce waste to the landfill.


We carefully consider the impact of how we produce, the materials we use, the energy and how we can work with our clients to be as sustainable as possible. There is no Planet B, so we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to protect this planet for our future generations.

So, what exactly are we doing and what is our plan?

Installed two EV charging points to our premises and have switched two of our transport vehicles to electric – we are aiming to have a full electric feel by 2025 with more EV charging points on site

We use a unique walling system for all our pop-up shops, launch events, award ceremonies, exhibitions and events – this system is 100% reusable and modular and is recycled and re-used after each event with nothing going to the landfall

Movement and W Display also use shell scheme, octomom and beMatrix for the majority of its exhibitions, again all of these systems are 100% reusable, creating no waste

We have a long-standing and strategic relationship with many of our clients, this allows us to plan long term and only produce new items when 100% necessary. Whether it be a pop-up shop, exhibition, activation or launch, over 80% of our clients reuse elements from event to event, meaning as little as possible goes direct to landfill

Offer storage options to all clients, meaning as little as possible is disposed of and can be reused – more cost-effective for our clients and better for the -environment

Paperless office and workshop by the end of 2020

Committed to ISO 20121 

Installing solar panels to our workshop and manufacturing facility  

Use low energy LED lighting

Provide reusable fabric graphics