Top Tips for Running a Pop-Up

Here at Movement, we understand the power of the pop-up and look after everything from concept to reality. We’ve worked throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe bringing pop-ups to life for a range of clients from large scale global brands to hot new start up’s. Having perfected the art of the pop-up, we’re now sharing our top tips for brands thinking about starting their own in 2022.

1.Have a clear objective

What’s the overall goal of your pop-up? It’s important to outline your purpose so you know when you get there! So first off, define your goals and don’t forget to set your budget. Some objectives outlined below to get you started:

  • To raise brand awareness
  • Re-connect with your audience
  • Educate your consumers
  • Test new products
  • Generate sales
  • Create work of mouth and social content for your brand
  • Launch a specific product or new range

How will you measure success?

Once you set your goals, you will need to define how you’ll measure success. This can be done in a number of ways including; sales, footfall, bookings, leads captured, growth in social followings or increased web traffic.

For example, at a recent Volvo pop-up we set up in Dundrum Town Centre the success was measured by the amount of test drives booked.

2.Location is key

Picking the best location for your brand is vital. Where are your customers going to be? Are you relying on footfall going past the door or is a secret hideaway more on-brand? This could be the first time people experience your business in physical form so it’s important to get it right. You can pop-up almost anywhere (we’ve seen one on top of a cliff) but some of the more common places include a shopping centre, street front, concession stand within a larger retail store, or an outdoor pop-up such as a trailer, van or steel structure. We have seen it all and are able to help with finding the perfect pin drop if you need.

Some things to consider when it comes to location:

  • Does the location support a launch in this market? Gym + Coffee are currently planning a number of pop-ups in the UK to assist with their move into that market.
  • Are there many other pop-ups in the area?
    Is the space functional for what you need? Do you need storage, a back prep area or a staff room?

Ultimately, a pop-up location is a great opportunity to test an area before committing to a permanent space so worth careful consideration.

3.Design your pop-up

It might be temporary but the design of your pop-up is crucial to building that initial connection to your potential customers. This could be the first time a person comes across your business in the real world and so the design needs to represent the brand by incorporating the brand identity and encompassing the brand style and ethos.

Things to take into account when it comes to the design:

  • Start with a design brief. This should take into account your brand identity and company strategy. Gather your brand files to accompany this – the first thing we ask our clients for is their brand guidelines, logo files and colour palettes.
  • Think about the customer and their journey through the pop-up. This will help to determine where to place product and optimise the space in order to meet your goal and KPIs.
  • Make it Insta-fabulous! You want to create a beautiful or cool space that people will want to document. We love a good selfie station or photo wall to ensure the pop-up is shareable on social.
  • What functionality will you need? Try to think of all the possibilities here; storage, till points, wrapping station, WiFi, dressing rooms, payment processors, music, fridges or freezers, iPads or touchscreens.

4. Get the Word Out

Don’t let all your hard work and planning go to waste. Shout loud about your pop up plans and get the word out to your audience with a PR and social media campaign to entice them to visit you.